GPU is the processor inside your video card. CPU is the central (main) processor in your computer. They are both very powerful, but they are created to do specific tasks better.

In the case of machine learning, the GPU is preferred. It can handle the task of running the algorithms faster than a CPU.

The performance of the video card is important also when training your data. Better video cards can handle more layers and more nodes at the same time.

If you are training your deepfake data with FakeApp, MyFakeApp or an alternative to those, you need a NVIDIA card, because those apps rely on software (Cuda) that runs on those cards.

As an alternative, if you¬†don’t have a powerful GPU or a NVIDIA card, you can still get the same results from your CPU, but you need to wait (a lot) longer.

4 thoughts on “GPU or CPU?”

  1. Is someone able to edit a video for me and put someone’s face over a persons face that’s in the video? Or morph it so ot looks like the person I want in the video?

    If this can be done how much will it cost?

    1. Yes, I can do it, I am starting in this and It’s looking very funny, It has many possibilities tell me what you need and I help you, if you want to know my specifications I have a GTX 1070 a 6700k and 16 GB of ram ddr4 to 3200MH

      1. Jeff, do you have a way to contact you in private to discuss your offer? I have same request as Nick

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